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About Us

For the Native American people the Bison is the symbol of abundance; a powerful reminder from the natural world that through respect for our earth and the creatures who inhabit it, we are provided for. It is in this spirit that Shape Ranch and Thunder Heart Bison offer its customers the purest protein on the planet, a source of both physical and spiritual nutrition that has sustained millions of people on this continent for thousands of years. Over time, these animals evolved to have a powerful natural immune system that allowed them to proliferate into a population of over 60 million.

Unlike most Bison and domestic cattle, our animals have eaten only grass, never grain--ranging freely and fattening themselves as nature intended. Our premium products are the result of our meticulous attention to the most important criteria for the quality and tenderness of a cut of meat:

  • Superior genetics
  • A grass fed, free range diet

The result is a pure source of protein that is derived from an inherently healthy animal.

By adhering to the path of the natural world in raising our animals, we are creating a model for long term sustainability and biodiversity. This concept of sustainability and restorative practices is also exemplified by the cultural rebirth of those who have lived on this land for thousands of years. The Coahuiltecan Nation was a native culture who lived in extended clans along the Rio Grande. They thrived on the animal they called Wa-ka-te, brother Bison.

With respect for our past we preserve our future.

By feeding our Bison only grass, we are able to significantly minimize stress thereby producing a higher quality product. Our philosophy is one of minimal interference with our herd—allowing them to roam freely over 13,000 acres of South Texas grassland, they graze freely, fattening themselves on native grasses and mesquite beans, just as they have for thousands of years.